King David is regarded as one of the Bible’s greatest heroes for one reason: he was a sold-out worshipper. Through all of his successes, failures, and pain, David worshipped God with his whole heart. The first 30 Psalms provide a record of his prayers to God—a window into his prayers as he wrestled through every circumstance across the full spectrum of human emotion.
David’s example is an important model for modern-day Christians, and his words in the Psalms provide powerful language we can use in our own journey.
Psalmist and worship leader Julie Meyer has spent decades helping everyday believers encounter God through Davidic worship. By declaring and singing the Psalms, Julie has discovered that she is able to access that same open Heaven as David—a spiritual dimension where we are confident that God hears us (even when Heaven seems silent), we know that He’s with us (even when He feels distant), and that—whether we feel it or not—we can trust that the giant-slaying God of David is fighting on our behalf! 

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