12 year old Ciara lives with her family in a charming ivy clad house, on a busy street in Blueriver town. Her favourite day of the week is Saturday, when she gets a riding lesson at the local stables, with a very smart Connemara pony called Misty.

But when she has to leave her school, home, friends and pony to move in with her Grandad, Ciara’s world crumbles before her eyes.

After arriving at Grandad’s house on the beach, Ciara discovers that Grandad is a horseman, and he has two large Irish draught horses he is training. But when a bad accident unexpectedly occurs, Grandad is rushed to hospital.

Can Ciara help Grandad run the farm and take care of the horses? And will Ciara ever see her beloved Misty again, or has she lost her Connemara pony forever? Join Ciara and Misty in their very first adventure to find out.

This wholesome and beautifully told horse story is perfect for horse-crazy kids age 8+ and the young at heart. It’s also the perfect horse book for girls, boys, tweens and teens who loved reading the Forgotten Horse adventure book by Elaine Heney, with Ozzie and Clodagh. This is the first book in the Coral Cove Horses series and the perfect gift for birthdays and Christmas.

This unmissable story underlines the importance of kindness, resilience and never giving up – even in times of adversity. Perfect for middle school kids who are set on horses and all those who love young adult fiction.

Written by international horsewoman and award-winning documentary director, Elaine Heney, this tender and touching story explores the depth of the relationship that can be created between girl and horse – that can last a lifetime.

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