If you could transform into a creature of myth and legend . . . what would you choose?
This is the dilemma facing 12-year-old Travis on his first day as a shapeshifter. He’s ready to use his new ability to go on missions like his famous parents, to save people from menace and danger, to be a hero just like them. And since it’s against the rules to be a dragon, his next best option is a wyvern.
When hunters cross into his world and snatch a harmless unicorn, Travis is quick to transform and fly into action. Perhaps too quick. Who could have known he’d stumble across an illegal private zoo filled with exotic creatures, run by a man with a witch at his side? So begins the first in a series set in the ISLAND OF FOG universe but with a new generation of characters. Each book is a self-contained story following the adventures of Travis and his friends—a magical fantasy with shapeshifters and creatures from myth and legend. Good, clean, sometimes scary fun for young readers and suitable for adults too.

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